After the Rain

A major revelation in being a new mum is the lessons that I’ve learned from my son. Though he’s only four mths old, through his stoicism, he’s shown mama that pain n discomfort are bearable. There are always hugs, kisses n smiles to follow.

Just today, as I was lightly dabbing hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip n blowing gently on the scratches on his forehead, he did not cry or scream. Instead when it stung, he spread his arms on his change table, went rigid n made soft “dok dok” sounds until the stinging subsided. He was rewarded with big smiles n baby talk.

Smiling was far from our minds at his very recent vaccination. He cried for 10 seconds each time the nurse jabbed him but the soreness n pain lingered on til the wee hours of the morning. The poor little tyke howled when papa, grandpa n mama touched his thighs while feeding n comforting him.

It was a rough night all around for everyone, especially when he came down with a slight fever the following day. However, in true trooper form, BJ bounced back n was soon chortling in glee again.

His hair must have grown thicker through the many times I stroked his head. The sounds of long n loud kisses from papa n grandma reverberated through our home.

U see it’s not about the pain, intense and brief, that life throws, but the pleasure that only love can bestow.

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Wired Up

Sometimes I feel like someone going from using a rotary to digital phone when it comes to technology n social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Thank goodness Paul’s the techie type or I would truly be left in the dark 🙂

As is, I just had a lighting-fast tutorial (grandpa was bringing the baby up for the shift change over) on Tweet deck n m still quite clueless abt Twitter compared to Blogging which thankfully has a short learning curve.

Not only is it with cyberspace that Paul has to drag me kicking n screaming into the Techno Age, but also cellphones — u shld see the grief I put him thru whenever we upgrade. Why do I need a Blackberry? Type w my thumbs? Why is the keypad so tiny? Nah I won’t surf the web on it.

Yes, he’s usually right so we’ll be hooking up to iPhones next year when our contract xpires. Hey I could maybe take decent shots of the baby n makes waves as I surf thru my favourite foodie site! Lights please.

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New Beginnings

There are first moments in life that take ur breath away, scare the living daylights out of u or open the door to future experiences.

Take for example the very first time u got on a roller coaster: it was the start of ur love affair with the thrills n spins of twisted metal.

Rides are not my cuppa tea. They produce sensations in my stomach that are akin to waiting in a freezing hallway for piano exams.

Motherhood can also play havoc with the mind, body and soul. This is what foodLiving is about: the ups and downs, smiles and frowns, and peculiarities of being a new parent.

This blog is all that plus the joys of eating out n at home, so sit back, put ur feet up n let’s go for the first of many rides.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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