Bowled Over

These bowl noodles were a steal @ $0.99 each from T&T Supermarket. I can’t fathom spending ove $1.50 for instant noodles, regardless of how much noodles there are.

The Roasted Beef Flavour is subtle, reminiscent of Taiwanese beef noodles. I also like that it came with a fork, packets of dehydrated veggies, seasoning oil and soup mix. The pairing of leftover roast chicken and cucumbers with beancurd skin was satisfying.

On the other hand, the Pickled Chilli Beef Flavour had a slightly unpleasant aroma, almost like that of pickled mustard.

It also came with a fork and 3 packets of flavouring.

This is more a miss than a hit.

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4 Responses to Bowled Over

  1. Ben says:

    You do like instant noodles don’t you? 🙂 My favourite is the Myojo 100 Pedas. It is a spicy dry noodles. Have you tried it before? My other favourite is the Maggi Kari (only the ones made in Malaysia). Ben

    • cmee8 says:

      The search continues for the perfect dry instant noodles. Spicy, of course. I’ll be posting more of the ones that I’ve tried and one from Indonesia that comes close to the ideal. Never heard of Myojo 100 Pedas. Is is available at Smart n Save or T&T?

  2. Vic says:

    looks great!! we can always use instant noodles!!

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