Soup’s Up

Granted in my previous post I’d mentioned that the next ones will be on dry noodles, but with the onset of wintry chills n the flu, soup noodles are the only way to go.

One of my favourites, when the mood for tangy n spicy strikes, is Maggi’s Assam Laksa. Going with the 2-minute cooking instructions ensures well-cooked noodles.

Traditionally assam laksa is served with fish, but my mood was for balls. Fish balls. I also threw in a cup of frozen mixed vegetables n pickled cucumbers with beancurd skin from T&T Supermarket.

Incidentally how do u devour your soup noodles? My husband goes first for all the noodles n ingredients, while he saves the best, the soup, for last. My style is to fill a Chinese spoon with soup, noodles n the ingredients. A piece of heaven in each slurp.

Regardless of how you clean your bowl of its goodness, spicy soup noodles is definitely the cure to banishing the winter colds.

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2 Responses to Soup’s Up

  1. Vic says:

    Great article & photos.

  2. Gloria says:

    I’m with your husband: munch on the noodles, meats and veg first then save the soup last. I’ve convinced myself that it’ll only make the soup taste better as the ingredients have been stewed in the soup for a longer period of time. LOL

    Speaking of soup, are you familiar with

    Viva la Chinese soup!

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