A Leap of Faith

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart nor someone who likes her duckies all in a row.

Before leaving work each day, I would always check to see that my desk had paperwork arranged neatly in stacks n that my to-do list was updated.

However, now that I’m on maternity leave, that same attitude n mind frame has taken a nose dive. Flexibility instead isthe name of the game.

Recently, my son has started drinking from a large bottle which is a milestone. It all began at his early morning dream feed. Soon after slurping his last drop of milk, BJ started fussing.

Despite attempts to burp him, on the knee or over my shoulder, he was inconsolable. In the end, I had to refill his bottle twice before he smacked his lips contentedly n fell into a deep slumber. Talk about playing it by ear.

Trying to figure out how much to fill the large bottle has been a guessing game as he doesn’t drink the same amount every morning. Some days he’ll drink all 220 ml, others he’s content with 170. This is unlike his small bottles, lined in a row in the fridge, from which he chugs down everything at every meal.

Even with his mid-morning naps, I used to be able to count on getting some shut eye for three hours. Now he sleeps through his morning feed and wakes up an hour or so after being swaddled in his crib.

Someone said that the only thing consistent with a baby is inconsistency.

Guess the perfectly stacked piles of diapers on my son’s change table shelf is the closest that I’ll get to predictable planning.

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2 Responses to A Leap of Faith

  1. Victor says:

    nice post here. just rolling with it I guess.

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